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Anonymous I'm going to steal inferno from you
Anonymous Why y'all ain't meet yet he's known
Anonymous Who live the closest to you
Anonymous Who do you fw with on ps3 (male only)
Anonymous I'm tryna fuck
Anonymous How big is your pussy
Anonymous Who do you fw on ps3 (females only)
Anonymous i didnt say anything about you looking like that and playing games :/ your stupid asf i said why do you photoshop and make it look like your thin ffs just be who you are
Anonymous you said you dont like assumptions made by people ... without asking.. so ight ill ask you a question. why do you photoshop and make it look like your thin? weirdo.
Anonymous Vinny1x a scammer?
Anonymous I'll allow u to show your body now
Anonymous Let me box that pussy
Anonymous My jailbreak ps3 keeps restoring everytime i turn it on can u help me fix it please and thanks.
Anonymous You Beth and Jade are my top 3
Anonymous Put me to sleep with that pussy
Anonymous What annoys you
Anonymous Who you miss playing with?
Anonymous Y u delete everything
Anonymous What games did you play first
Name 5
Anonymous Barbie help help !!!