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Anonymous Is Lucas fine with threeway relationships? Since I know you are...
Anonymous But I loved you...
Anonymous I liked you too wtf.
Anonymous Since you’re poly does that mean you’ll still fuck others?
Anonymous Congratulations Hirito! You guys are cute together!
Anonymous Ah, so you’re taken now... okay...
Anonymous What would be your vine-?
Anonymous stay soft uzi I love you man 😔❤️
Anonymous The people in the Kings gc as Memes or Vines.
Anonymous One day, you’re going to be added to an all twinks groupchat and suffer by a bunch of littles screaming Daddy at you.
Anonymous Personally my favourite part was the degrading and rough hair pulling.
Anonymous “Pure and innocent”
Thank you for fucking me into the mattress the other day, sir. My favourite part was when you started chokin’ me.
Anonymous “I’m pure and innocent”
*casually grabs someone by the jaw and calls them a slut while pushing them against the wall*
Anonymous D-Daddy?
Anonymous Grab me by the throat and fuck me till my eyes roll back.
Anonymous Are you poly?
Anonymous How did you meet the people in your ‘Kings’ groupchat?
Anonymous Do you do threesomes???
Anonymous You guys need to learn to mind your own business. Who cares about how many fuckbuddies he has? That doesn’t affect you in any way. Give him some privacy for fucks sake. -nighthxmn
Anonymous How many fuck buddies do you have??? JFC.