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Spice Rat

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Anonymous Please take my question seriously because it’s something I’m actually wondering but I’m too scared to ask anyone I know because it’s kinda an awkward question, if you don’t post it on your story please respond to me on here:

Ok so you know when you’re fat you have a... fat p***y? Well, when you loose weight, like I’m currently doing does it stay the same or change to the way your whole body is?

Sorry for the weight loss related question IK you said a while back you were done with these but I’m genuinely curious about this.
Anonymous tbh😤your pfp😩is thicc🤭🤭
Anonymous how many flies do you think you can kill in three minutes
Anonymous What app do you use for filters?
Anonymous Hey B.B.
Anonymous you've probably said this before idk why im even asking but whats ur sexuality?
Anonymous Do u have a vid of give it away?? Id love to hear ur cover of it!
Anonymous i feel like past ur punk/goth-style exterior youre a soft cute lil thing and that makes ME soft, so thank you for being so precious.
Anonymous best music to rock with your cock out to?
Anonymous where’d you get that cute red plaid skater skirt from?
Anonymous Are you self taught In music? Or did you take lessons?
(This is aimed at bass but really any intrument actually)
Anonymous ebb is so cute!!!!
Anonymous Do you believe that talent exists?
Anonymous Whats your fave instrument?
Anonymous Hi bitch whats an edgy song i can play on bass im bored as fucc
Anonymous whats your fave genre
Anonymous Do you like Bad Brains?
Anonymous Opinions on @xxserenax.x she seems like a mean bitch and try’s to hard just my opinion
Anonymous I can’t decide whether ur hot or cute