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Anonymous yall are annoying as fuck
Anonymous Diamond and jaz? Who are your celebrity crushes 😣
Anonymous is a 16 year old girl and a 14 year old boy too big of an age difference to be dating?❤️
Anonymous Hey, I wrote about liking my best friend a few days ago. I asked them out and turns out they liked me to.
Anonymous How old are u guys?
Anonymous Hi I just wanted to say that you guys really help me out and keep it btw you new theme is amazing heart ❤️
Anonymous There’s this boy I like but I’m 12 almost 13 and he’s 16 and like idk if I should date him because there’s the distance of age between us and the distance of how far apart we are but it worked out before so could it work out again
Anonymous I want to flirt with a guy. One thing though I can’t even talk to him let alone I get intimidated when we make eye contact.
Anonymous is it bad that I'm jealous of a singer? like he has a girlfriend (I think) and I'm really jealous even though he's super popular and he will never know I exist.
Anonymous Did you invent the app fizzle?
Anonymous unpopular opinion - i like plain vanilla ice cream more than chocolate
Anonymous Are you guys white I’m not trying to be racist or anything it doesn’t matter ur skin color just carious u know
Anonymous Face reveals?
Anonymous That 11year old and the 28 year old teacher was me I’m sorry I was bored and I wanted to hear your reaction forgive me please 😞
Anonymous Unpopular vote:
I think riverdale season 2 is horrible I hate Veronica is annoying I only liked season 1 because of bughead
Anonymous Unpopular vote:
I think Caleb McLaughlin is freakin amazing he is so cute he can dance sing and act so well he’s humble and way to undrated
Anonymous Hi! Am Emarald 💚 I recently came across your page and am not quite sure how this works but here's what's troubling me. I just turned 20 last week, and i had planned alot before i turned 20 and i havent achieved most of them and i feel like a failure and am scared i might be depressed now couse i have disappointed my family and it really hurts. Sorry if my english is bad its not my first language.
Anonymous Unpopular opinion: I think 13 reasons why is a completely overrated show. The plot gets old after season one and they glorify suicide
Anonymous I want to get into acting can you explain how
Anonymous No one need attention, they crave..
Hence we need to concern the importance of make poeple believe that they don't need it. Then we can leave to give attention too important things.